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7 Steps to Bathe Your Dog

Step 1: Make sure you have the right shampoo

Using a regular dog shampoo (no flea shampoo) is best. Do not use human shampoo or bar soap, laundry soap or dish soap as they can irritate your dog’s skin and cause allergies.

Step 2: Brush and shake it

You can use a normal wet towel or one of those baby wipes (biodegradable) to remove excess dirt and dust. Then brush it to remove dead hair and again remove more dirt.

Step 3: Wet your dog with warm water, neither cold nor hot

If it is cold you can bathe it with warm water but avoid hot water as it can damage their skin and on the other hand cause them to be cold due to temperature changes. Start wetting it from neck to tail. Do not use the hose directly, you have to take care of the water and for this it is best to use buckets. This way you can control quantity and avoid waste. If you find it difficult to do this yourself, visit a pet spa in Plymouth, MI.

Step 4: Apply the shampoo

Apply a little shampoo (the amount varies according to the size of the dog and the length of the hair). Don’t apply too much as this can be difficult to rinse.

Step 5: Wash your dog’s body very well

Make sure you do not get shampoo or water directly into the ear canal. The ears and the auditory pavilion can be cleaned afterwards with damp cotton. Do not forget to wash the legs and between the pads and toes.

Step 6: Rinse, rinse and rinse again

The entire coat should be free of shampoo. When there is no shampoo residue left, you will notice that the water runs smoothly and freely over your dog. Leaving residue could cause itching and burning.